Joe taught himself to paint when he was young and has not stopped painting since. 

He loves to paint a diversity of subject matter in both acrylics and oils, 

but is perhaps best known artistically for his dream-like, panoramic cityscape paintings.

Joe's inspiration for painting London emanates from his late-night relationship with the city.

Prior to painting full time as an artist, he spent seven years as a police station legal rep, driving in and around the capital, often witnessing city life in the after-hours. Alongside this, he was busy gigging in London as both 

a rock drummer and a nightclub percussionist to house DJs on the nightclub circuit. 

Journeys home through the deserted city engendered his fascination 

for painting figures within atmospheric street scenes, 

and for capturing glimpses of the inner worlds of strangers walking home under the midnight moon.


Joe Says :“ Painting is my journey to the corners of a world that I envisage and it is my pathway through creativity to a seductively unfixed destination. I have been an artist since I could hold a paintbrush and I will continue to be an artist until I cannot”.


Joe is a qualified Premier Global Personal Trainer and sports massage therapist.