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When Joe isn't painting, you'll most likely find him  playing his drums.

 Joe has played drums for around 26 years, with much experience gigging professionally with rock bands or playing as a nightclub percussionist to dance/house music alongside DJs. 

To celebrate the end of lockdown, Joe is now taking his live drum show to the pubs, clubs and venues near you.


Instead of traditional karaoke, where singers replace the lead vocal, Joe's live rock drums replace the original drum track, so you can hear him taking his place among the superstar rock bands of the world to well-known rock classics.

Live, loud, energetic and spectacular, Joe will blow the roof off of your venue and will have party-goers head-banging til last order!!

Joe plays live rock drums to his set of well known rock songs, but his drums are heard live as though he's replaced the original drummer.

To book him to play for live performances please use the contact page.