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Welcome to my South Coast Seascape & Landscape Painting Workshop

Venue to be announced

I'm currently gathering interest with a view to hiring a venue once per month for a full day's painting workshop 0930 - 4.30

The 1 day workshop is £49

Watch the quick video above to find out what you can expect from this workshop

where we'll all paint together 

and become greater artists together.

keep scrolling down for further info, including a materials list.

- please feel free get in touch with any questions at all

[email protected]

07939 979 353

Facebook: Joe Charman Art


Welcome to my South Coast Seacape & Landscape Painting Workshop

I'm so excited for the upcoming class..I literally can't wait to paint with you!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a more established artist, this workshop is for you!

While we paint local scenes from a photograph together using acrylics (within the most relaxed and fun setting!), I'll share and demonstrate as many of the most useful painting techniques I have found along my artistic journey so that you can paint along with me and apply them to your own landscape painting (or any subject matter).

As we paint together, step by step through each unique landscape, I'll take you in order through each of the various challenges facing us at each stage of the painting. I'll be on hand to answer any questions you have, to visually show you my approach at each stage, and to help guide and inspire you to paint more confidently, with freedom and inner knowing...

as you complete a landscape masterpiece within just one day!

I'll introduce you to some truly winning "forumlas" for tackling even the trickiest of creative conundrums, so that you can spend less time head-scratching and more time PAINTING - yes painting! That's what we're here for!

We can then dive more freely into our sumptuous subject matter and produce our own, unique, magical, mystical masterpiece within just one day. Warning(!) you will surprise yourself with what you achieve!

By providing you with an extensive armoury of artistic techniques, tools and methodologies, your increased artistic kowledge will set you free to...PAINT PAINT PAINT!!!

Some of the many topics we'll cover together:

How I plan the initial, first stage design and compostion of a scene through a simple line drawing.

How I prepare an atmospheric and strong tonal underpainting upon which the rest of the painting is then constructed.

How to convey a sense of weather, light and mood.

How I create maximum impact through use of a strong focal point within a painting.

How I use a mixture of "special" brush strokes, "wipe-away" techniques and palette knife wizardry to maximise paint effects.

How I establish a more spontenious and painterly style as an artist.

Before Each Class

I'll provide each of you with a photo I've taken of the scene we'll be painting (please feel free to submit your own landscape photos for consideration as class subject matter).

At the end of our day’s painting session

We'll lovingly assess our masterpieces and discuss any intentions for furthering our painting at home.